Friday, June 06, 2008


Estelle's (one of Feels Good 2 B Home's favorite UK artists) video for "Substitute Love" finally made its way online for all to see after appearing on "The Box" over in the UK. The video is loaded with cameos from Christian Siriano from Project Runway, Kelly Rowland, and Amanda Diva.

The "No Substitute Love" video obviously is a throwback to George Michael's hit, "Faith". Wycelf Jean produced Estelle's third single off her American debut, "Shine". "No Substitute Love" follows the success of her previous singles, "Wait A Minute (Just A Touch)" and "American Boy".

Earlier today, Iman and fashion designer Donna Karan attended 5th Annual Wayuu Taya fundraising gala at the Bowery Hotel in New York City (of course):

As always, Iman looked fab...but when does she not? Very rare, huh?!


Here's the rundown of the gala from its official website:
The nonprofit organization founded in 2002 by actress, model and UNESCO Artist for Peace Patricia Velasquez, raises funds for Latin American indigenous communities. The Foundation focuses its attention on those that are most at risk – women and children.

Since June 2008 is Black Music Month, I had to post one of my favorite Sade tracks -"Stronger Than Pride"...

One of my favorite music blogs SOULBOUNCE added this Sade tune to their Top 100 Soul/R&B Songs countdown list. Share your favorite Afro/Naija tune via comments. Hopefully I can add your favorite onto the next post.

1. The Nigerians that I accounted within the past week simply made me shake my head. At an NYC event (Queens to be precise), I was in charge of food. This task was something special. Every few minutes, folks would come over to the food asking for some. I would simply tell them they have to wait until the Church service is over. Apparently this did not stop one ruthless Mother from using her own child to grab food before the rest. (-SMH!-) Patience, much?!?! (Does this scenario happen just here or elsewhere. Readers do fill me in!) Anyhow, the very people waiting to taste the food beforehand are the first ones on line for the food! Things that make me go hmm...
2. Why do you take food for the ones at 'my table' or 'my siblings at home' when we go out to a non-catered event?

Disclaimer: All rants /thoughts are in good humor!

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Ladybrille said...

Love the new Estelle video. She is just a fab singer. Things that make you go hmm. . . lol! I understand what you are saying. I had the privilege of serving at a Nigerian event a long time ago and yes indeedy it was amazing to see how dramatic people can be when it comes to food and being inconsiderate of others who still need to eat. Anyway sha, God dey. Lol! Hope you are well.

I always enjoy myself when I come on your blog. Simply BRILLIANT!

Ladybrille said...

Chichi your things that make you go hmmm . . was the point of convo. this weekend. My big sis n I went to a graduation party. Lots and lots of food! We get there n folks already packed food and some even put in the fridge b/4 we got chance to eat o! My big sis would not stop asking the same questions u were asking. Had me cracking up! But, gotta love it. Naija folks we funny sha.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting more and more into Estelle these days, I've heard some good remixes of American Boy. Have you heard Janelle Monae? I love her! She's going to be performing tonight in NYC for a party thrown by Toyota. I work with them, so I'm excited to spread awareness of some thrilling, new webisodes called If Looks Could Kill. They follow an aspiring fashion designer, Bianca, who's involved in international espionage by night. If you're familiar with the BMW shorts from a couple of years ago (Guy Ritchie, Madonna), these webisodes definitely have a similar production level.


Interactive: Toyota has gone one step further, the viewer can interact with Bianca to help her unravel the mystery that has suddenly become her life. I really enjoy the multiple levels; it adds a dimension of reality to the story and builds a unique relationship between the main character and viewer.

Launch party: We have our official launch party tonight (6/11) @ Eyebeam in NYC— with performances by Ashanti, Janelle Monae and Anthony Hamilton. Tyra Banks is also on the guest list!

I'd really love your take on the first episode—Haute Pursuit—and discuss more as the other episodes roll-out. Myself, I'm still trying to figure out who the bad guy is—the ex, the boyfriend, the boss? Or maybe it's Nana? lol

Again, would love your take because bloggers like yourself definitely have a good eye about what's cool, hot and current. I would have contacted you via email but I didn't know which the best way to reach you was. I hope I didn't overstep my bounds by directly contacting you.

Don't be shy!

Whitney Maiers
ILCK Ambassador

Chi-Chi said...

Ladybrille, the epic continues, huh? LMAO! We Naijas are carry a great story wherever we go.