Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Thanks to the good folks over at Style Watch, FG2BH has another 'got IT better' edition between Iman and Natalie Portman....


Iman first wore this purple Lavin Spring 2008 ruffled dress to Barneys New York's Night Of Stars pre-party celebration.

Natalie Portman was recently seen in a similar dress at the "Blindness" opening night dinner at 61st International Cannes Film Festival.

SO, who got IT better: Iman or Natalie Portman? Vote/discuss...

Credit: Style Watch

Estelle also have a foot fetish with these bronze Yves Saint Laurent tribute sandals. The "American Boy" hit maker was seen in these shoes TWICE...

I guess once a girl loves a style piece, it's hard to break away from it - just ask MJB, Danity Kane, Mariah, and Kelly Rowland. Don't act you fashionistas can't part with one fashion-forward piece in your wardrobe!

Estelle performed on "American Boy" on "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson".

Alek Wek appeared on the cover of "Surface" magazine - issue 72. I saw this over the weekend at my local Barnes & Noble. The magazine may be outdated or new but this is my first time seeing the cover so I scanned it for FG2BH readers...

Alek Wek covers Surface Alek Wek covers Surface

1. How long would it take for Naijas to have their own community? During my time in The Bronx, I woke up every morning in the Summer to a Hispanic-related community event. They would have parades and even their Church would have a festival! How about our own Naijas do the same?? Maybe I'm not living in the 'right' community but some of the Naijas I know enjoy their pride far too much to live next door to one another. These are the very people who enjoy attending a party for FREE than have their kids be friends with one another! (Things that make me go hmmm...)
2. Why is it SO hard to find a great and loyal seamtress that know how to make African traditional garments??!!

Disclaimer: rants are all in good humor!

Afro/Naija News:

In better late than never news, I'll leave you all with photos taken at this year's MET Costume gala. Djimon Hounsou, Liya Kebede, Thandie Newton and Iman were all there...

EDIT: The photobucket slide show isn't working so I made this instead...


Style rundown: Iman in Dolce & Gabbana and Fred Leighton jewels.
Djimon Hounsou in Tom Ford.
Liya Kebede in Jonathan Saunders.
Thandie Newton in Chanel.

Who got their red carpet looks right and who didn't?

Thanks for all the e-mails/comments about my lack of posting. Hopefully, this week I can post one blog post a day. -Crosses fingers-


wienna said...

Naija community ke? R u having a laff? Well maybe you can call those cele & C&S churches communities sha. Even in our own country, do we have communities? When all we worry about back home is who stole whose land, who stole whose farm etc. Even here in the UK, the Somalians and Ethiopians have their own communities. In the area where i live in Ldn, majority of the blacks there are Somalians and Congolese, they have their own community centres, they recognise each other and say hello to one another. But not us naijas o. May God deliver us from ourselves o.

Ladybrille said...

You had me laughing on the Naija community thing. Specifically the part about liking the free stuff but not even wanting to be friends with each other. I think our generation is changing that. As we straddle both worlds I think it is not as bad but I hear you.

Okay can I so say I feeeeeeeel you on the African clothing part? At least you are in the NYC. Folks like us in CALI, it's tough menh!. I need some good ones because I'd like to rip the many events with off the hook designs. The ones listed on Ladybrille are not in CALI w/ the exception of Ella Borwn Couture but I'll keep looking till I find one!

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

LOL!!! lauging on the naija comment... it's probably not just limited to just naijas!!! Just wanted to say that Djimon looks great!!! So yummy.

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

i love alec wek and i think iman is stunning