Monday, May 19, 2008


Sometime last month I met Estelle and Ovie Mughelli at a recent NYC event for the NFL/Fashion industry.

When I spoke to Estelle briefly, she came across as a humble person. She had the DJ play her number one hit song, "American Boy" featuring Kanye West.

Also at the event was Ovie Mughelli who was delighted to see me after this fiasco. I'm not sure he'll remember me today!

Estelle took photos with David Banner, Wynter Gordon, A.J Crimson, Razah, and Kerry Khodes. Ovie came and left with no big entourage. (Many thanks to Ra-Fael Blanco for the invite!)

Visit my online slide show for all the photos.

Photos: Chi Chi for Feels Good 2 B Home


wienna said...

Hmmm...u dis girl, u dey enjoy o. So, na u dey go all these places for NY. So, Ovie reads your blog? He looks like someone person could hang out with sha. You fit hook a sis up sha? lol I'm so single and looking for a bf o.

wienna said...

BTW, chi-chi baby, do u have another blog called urban-hoopla at all?

Chi-Chi said...

It's great to live in the tri-state area. (Where are you, Wienna?)

Ovie is single well I'm basing this off him not coming to the event with any girl.

Oh yeah, Urban-Hoopla is my another blog. I saw your comment on my Donna Summers blog post.

Chi-Chi said...

*EDIT: I mean my other blog, lmao!

wienna said...

Na jand i dey live o. If e no mind long-distance relationship or i could come see am for yankee or vice-versa. So, long as he doesn't mind plump sisters. lol

Never realised urban-hoopla was your other blog. I only just discovered it yesterday thru SET's blog o. Nice blog, i must say sha.

Chi-Chi said...

Ovie seemed like he's a cool person. I wish I bought a video camera but oh well!

I thought Osi and Wale would be at the event as it was all football players. I left there quite late though so who knows who else showed up. Estelle came fashionably late as did Ovie.

Thanks for the kind words about Urban-Hoopla. I started that blog wayyy back in July 2006. (WOW I've been blogging for two years??!?)