Saturday, October 13, 2007


Some wanted me to change the background and I did that. Some wanted me to change the template back to the original one. Unfortunately, I can't do that because of technical difficulties. Truth be told, this new template reflects my year of blogging...sort of ever changing. I've wrestled with this template change (as you all patiently can contest to) until I found 'the one.'

In the midst of my birthday celebration two weeks ago I forget to address the fact that Feels Good 2 B Home is a year old! If you haven't noticed there's a new logo which is a picture taken at Regina Askia's fashion show from last year's Naija independence day parade in New York City. What you're looking at is a cake with the Nigerian flag.

A year later I rubbed elbows with some of you that read the blog and some who I admire for their contribution to Afro/Naija lifestyle. Honestly I did not think blogging would last a year or even at this point. I thought by now I'll throw in the towel but thanks to people like you reading I push on.

Thanks for the all birthday wishes!

Thanks for all the positive and negative feedback which are all appreciated. What I said I'm going to cover on this blog last year is what I hope to maintain for the following year or years to come.
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wienna said...

Congrats on your one year anniversary of blogging.

Chi-Chi said...

Thanks Wienna for all the fun comments you leave on here. :)

Ladybrille said...

It's not easy to do what u do, especially since u manage 4 blogs. So, keep up the good work. What I like is more so the Naija American/European slant you give to your coverage, with the coverage of other Africans as icing on the cake. It resonates with me b/c I can go to Bella Naija for all things directly Nigerian and then come to your blog to capture the dualities via updates of what Naija/African Americans are doing here in the States. I like!

Chi-Chi said...

Thanks Ladybrille. I'm glad you got the concept behind the blog. I trying to highlight the positive Naija Americans and their hard work right on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chi.
How have you been?
Keep on keeping up!
Coz Ihuaku, Maryland

Chi-Chi said...

Aww thanks for dropping by, cousin!