Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Rocawear "I Will Not Lose Campaign" currently features R&B songtress Ciara, America's Next Top Model alum Tocarra, R&B crossover prince Chris Brown, and Oscar-winning rap duo Three 6 Mafia. Feels Good 2 B Home has an exclusive look at the image of Adaku Okpi and her son, Ryan Harris.

This paritcular AD is featured in September Essence, on newsstands now. Adaku and son Ryan were chosen to be in Rocawear's Kids ads.

Okpi's story all ties back to iwillnotlose.org, where users can submit their stories of perseverance and triumph over adversity for a chance to be in the Spring/Summer '08 campaign.

In the following youtube clip, Adaku tells candidly about being a single mom to her three year old son.

And here's a little synposis of the clip:
A hard-working, career-driven single mother raising two little boys, who will be strong black men in the blink of an eye. Help in raising them comes from two noble souls, a dependable grandmother and a caregiver whose love is just as nurturing as the boys' birth mother. Long hours at the office leave little time for Mom to play both the motherly and fatherly roles that her boys so desperately need, but she plays each part the best she knows how. Ryan doesn't know the sacrifices his Mom makes for him and his brother, but he knows she will always be there, and her heart-to-heart hugs are something that will help him to get through any challenges that life may bring.

Earlier I reported on Miss Okpi who represents Rocawear Marketing. Check out Adaku hanging out with her boss Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter here.

For additional information on Rocawear: I Will Not Lose campaign, visit http://www.iwillnotlose.org/

{Thanks Adaku for the AD!}

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Ladybrille said...

Hats off to her.

Chi said...

The video clip was very enduring.

I know a girl that can benefit from listening to Adaku's story.

wienna said...

She's so fine sha.

Mrs. Grapevine said...

Wow, I think I am going to like this campaign. BTW nice site!