Saturday, October 13, 2007


Introducing a new interactive addition to the blog- Naija of the Moment. If you're interested in being one, do send me a e-mail or a myspace message. Here is the very first installment of this new edition...

[image via myspace]

Folake is someone I met when I attended the Oliver Mbamara-directed film "Slave Warrior" premiere over the summer. The girl is well on her way to the big times. Appearing on "Law & Order: SVU" and winning a notable award at the 2007 ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto are just a few highlights of Folake's impressive acting career.

Be sure to show The City College of New York alum love and support via her official myspace page here.

[feels good 2 b home]


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Been up to a lot since...Some updates here: