Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Kenyan model Awino pinpoint the difference between African-born men and African-American men in a recent interview with "Smooth" magazine:
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*Black Jack Scanz has pictures of Awino flaunting her Kenyan assets. Click on the source at your discretion!

They’re both good in different ways. African men know how to take care of household responsibilities. They are providers and family men, but American men are better on the romance side.
Hmmm...in a way Awino is right and wrong. Awino can't categorize ALL African men as 'unromantic', though. I've seen some married African men who show their wives how much they care and love them dearly in simple gestures as getting them a gift. One thing I will agree on her is that African men are 'providers'.

Thoughts on what she said? Disagree or agree?

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Oracle said...

Maybe she's talking about the African men she knew before leaving Africa.

Times have changed

Chi-Chi said...

Oracle, she's only been in the country for six years now. For her to make that observation sorts of indicates she has had her taste of both.

wienna said...

Maybe she's right. Let's be honest, a lot of black men don't know what 'love' even means any longer here in diaspora. A lot of these men don't even love themselves, especially as many of them come from broken homes, with no role models to look up to.

Chi-Chi said...

Wienna, I've known a few men like the ones you're talking about. To me that whole background creates an endless circle which is up to the individual to make a physical change out of.