Saturday, July 12, 2008


Since I last updated, I've been busy reading Tess Onwueme's novel, "Shakara: Dance-Hall Queen." Needless to say I have to make this fabulous Naija literature FG2BH's "Book To Know." "Shakara: Dance-Hall Queen" can be purchased on the African Heritage Press website for $14.95.

Shakara: Dance-Hall Queen summary:

Shakara dance-hall queen is a gripping drama on the struggle for identity, power and control, engulfing mothers and daughters in a modern city that is sharply split between the rich and the poor. How do these mothers and daughters cope in a world, where their very survival is constantly challenged by the unyielding social and economic forces?

For those in the UK, "Shakara: Dance-Hall Queen" was featured on BBC World Drama Service international broadcast for the fall season of 2004. Check out more details about the broadcast here. So if you're just as interested in reading novels about Nigeria, do get to know the author by visiting this site.

Photos: African Heritage Press

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