Monday, April 21, 2008


Chiwetel Ejifor (one of FG2BH's favorite Brit imports) has a 7-page pictorial in the June issue of "King" magazine. Chiwetel discuss with "KING" about being a style icon. "I clean up very well," says Ejiofor. "Whenever I get styled, there's this unnatural sheen that never fails to surprise me".

"Some actors are overly concerned with fashion," says Ejiofor, who's currently headlining "Redbelt", a mixed martial arts-centered mortality tale. "Not me. It's acting first and style a distant fourth or fifth."
The film roles Chiwetel associated with has certainly got the attention of Hollywood, right? All he needs is the right film to get that beloved Oscar nomination!

Check out the trailer for Chiwetel's latest film, "Redbelt" AND the interview he did with "ReelTimeTube" below:

Onto the other notable Naijas/Africans in the media...

Estelle has made signficant headlines since that whole Duffy debacle. The record executives over her record label Atlantic Records apparently forced Estelle to change her boyish hairstyle and her characteristic teeth.

Sandra Rose has proof (see photo above) that Estelle caved into the pressure. Image in the music industry apparently equals into album sales for FEMALES....but not so much for MALES (**coughs**Fat Joe).

Let's just hope Estelle doesn't change her fly hair style or her eccentric style.

Idris Elba in Prom Night Idris Elba in Prom Night

Idris Elba's film "Prom Night" landed at the number one spot in its opening week. Congrats to Idris Elba (my Ghana brother from another)!

Idris dropped by the "Tyra Show" on Thursday April 17th to promote his film, "Prom Night". Tyra sure has a way of bringing out the fun side of any person she interviews.

uploaded by The Movie Report

You can expect much more from Idris on the big screen in the coming year. Elba has five feature films that you read up about over at IMDB.COM.

Comedian Godfrey added this new "GQ"-inspired photo shoot onto his official myspace page. If you checked out Godfrey's myspace spot, you'll notice he showcase his favorite running presidential candidate.

Photos: Wendy Le Photography

When Nigerians throw a party, we come in large numbers. When Nigerians throw a party with a theme, something unexpected occurs. Some follow the theme and others simply didn't get the memo. A popular theme is the everyone-wear-your-traditional-attire. Why is that a select few just doesn't want to cooperate?! Lastly why do they (the ones who didn't get the memo) get offend when question about the whereabouts of their outfit??! Things that make me go hmmm....
disclaimer: rants are all in good fun!

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I love Estelle's look she shouldn't change nada man..and i 2nd shop liqquorice love ur blog ..great work:)

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Nice one! I often stop by here but probably left like only one or two comments ever. Geez... feel like a stalker!!!LOL. Great job on ur blog. Wanted to tell you that I visited the link for "View Naija". OMG just hilarious especially Julius Agwu's 'chatting a babe'.

soupasexy said...

that chiwetel guy is really cute, i must say.

Ladybrille said...

Tyra is funny. I enjoyed the clip with Idris. As per the ones who miss the memo on traditional African attire, I am so one of them. Why do you think I started Ladybrille? I need those things menh! I get envious seeing all those gorgeous outfits that I can't get my hands on. Thankfully, I now have numerous fabrics but still looking for the right designer to make some killer outfits for me. One did which was Colleen Quen. She took my ankara fabric and turned me into a PRINCESS. But, will try harder at those events per ur memo. lol!

classybabe said...

Chiwetel is looking good in the pictures.
@Rant,yes oh.I would feel somehow going against someone's theme for a party,it's almost like you couldn't be bothered to put in any effort.

Hair Azara said...

So like I am in-love with GODFREY!! he is so funny!! and cute. Love him!!

Ebony Intuition said...

Idris is a beautiful man..

Estelle she's still gorgeous

wienna said...

Update madame pls!!!

Naija Sutra said...

my love, chiwetel

chiwetel is in love with me but doesnt know it yet, he is still fronting