Saturday, March 29, 2008


Yordanos Teshager walks the runway at the Naeem Khan Fall 2008 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2008

Ethiopian model Yordanos Teshager appeared in April 2008 issue of "VIBE" magazine. Photographed by Cliff Watts and styled by Sierre Leone's own Memsor Kamarake, Yordanos opened up about her start in the fashion industry. The Maplewood, NJ resident told the urban publication that her favorite artists are Rihanna and Beyonce. Her favorite song of the moment? Umbrella by Rihanna and Jay-Z.

In 2003, I was second runner-up in the Miss World of Africa competition. Then I placed Top 10 in the Nokia Face of Africa competition. I wanted to model but wasn't signed to an agency. On a visit to New York City, a lady on the street asked me if I was a model. She told me there was an agency right upstairs from where we were standing. We went and they liked me and signed me. I did NYC Fashion Week one season and met a girl who felt I should try another agency that would do more with my look.

Yordanos Teshager in VIBE April 2008 plus her Elite portfolio:

Chi-Chi's random rants about our diverse community:

  1. For those including myself who love to nip-pick celebrity relationships, do you honestly believe if Osi was dating Yordanos (insert any high profile truly Nubian model) and not Selita Ebanks, the media will pick up on it? (ie. Duro's married? Where is his PEOPLE exclusive?!?!?)
  2. Why are Naija celebrities obsessed with wearing name brand clothing but never seem to pull it off like Estelle, Iman or Oluchi?
  3. Going back to celebrity relationships for a minute, where is Oluchi's baby boy pictures??! Don't kid yourself. You know you want to see the photos too! Thanks to FG2BH anonymous reader...LINDA IKEJI HAS THE BABY PHOTOS
  4. Aren't you annoyed that THIS swagger jacked Nollywood's own G. Nnaji and Ramsey Noah??! I guess every film community needs to have its Morris Chestnut & Gabrielle Union/Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks.
    disclaimer: all rants are in good humor. :-)

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Ladybrille said...

I am so loving this Afro-Naija news thing you've started. It's good. Beautiful girl the Ethiopian model.

Anonymous said...

Linda Ikeji posted some pictures of Oluchi's baby a while ago.

Chi-Chi said...

Thanks LB! Your blog inspired me to add links from the news. :)

Hopefully we'll see more of Yordanos.

Link, anonymous, if you may.

Anonymous said...

Ok. The pictures are here:


Chi-Chi said...

Thanks so much and I gave you credit, anonymous! :)

Oluchi's son is so handsome.