Friday, March 21, 2008


Make Fetch Happen reported that fashion designer Duro Olowo married Studio Museum of Harlem curator Thelma Golden! And I took the liberty of scanning the Vogue March 2008 article for FG2BH readers....

The couple eloped in New York City and they are going to celebrate in London (where Olowu is based), and his hometown Lagos, Nigeria.

Thelma on marrying Duro on January 2nd: "I always imagined I would spend ages planning my wedding, yet this felt perfect."

Thelma on choosing the dress: "Duro made it for me a year ago. It was just the most obvious and natural thing to wear."

And in related news, Duro currently revealed his Fall 2008 collection at L'Oreal Fashion Week in London. His collection is all around prints, vibrant colors and tons of chiffon! Check out his entire collection here.

VIBE magazine finally acknowledged the staying power of Nollywood. As the article stated, Nigeria is home to the world's fastest-growing film industry. VIBE credited 1992's "Living In Bondage" as the catalyst behind the blooming Nollywood industry.

[ even got a well-deserved shout-out from the urban publication!]

Here's the quote written out by Hubscrown of NAIJARULES.COM:

Nigeria is home to the world's fastest growing film industry. Practically non-existence a decade ago. Nollywood now ranks third globally in terms of output, behind Bollywood and Hollywood. But while movies are multi million-dollar business in Nigeria, the industry is built on D.I.Y. aesthetics and economics. Video is standard format (Nigerians actually call local movies "home videos") and shoots typically wrap in matter of days. Most films fall into the category of exploitation cinema - 1992's Living in Bondage is credited with pioneering movement- combing Hollywood-derived action and thriller plots with sensationalized, locally specific elements like witchcraft and black magic.
Nollywood movies have yet to register at international festivals, but these slap clash camcorder blockbusters, hugely popular at home, have sparked similar movements in neighboring Ghana and Cameroon. CHECK OUT:

"American Idol" finally has a Nigerian-American contestant Chikezie on its popular reality series. It took seven seasons to have a Naija in the top 12! [Learn more about Chikezie here.] Thanks to Us Weekly, Chikezie has been compared to Donny Hathaway. (See the scan above). Check him out singing "She's A Woman" during The Beatles tribute....

[video spotted @ Naija Gal.]

Thandie Newton and Chiwetel Ejiofor were seen making the rounds on the red carpet recently. Thandie attended the New York premiere of "Run, Fat Boy, Run" whereas the equally talented Chiwetel flaunted his Best Actor award at The Laurence Olivier Awards. [Chiwetel won for his leading role in "Othello"!] Because of this man's fineness, I had to add this smiling picture of him with Taraji P Henson at 2007 Los Angeles Film Festival - "Talk To Me" Screening.

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