Wednesday, April 11, 2007


In light of ANTM Naija takeover (re:Nigeria's Top Model event in London), here are snapshots of Nnenna Agba from Cycle 6 of "America's Next Top Model."

[pic credit: About]

America's Next Top Model "Chat" with Nnenna & Vaughn Lowery:

Cycle 6 slide show:

Nnennas and Furondas HIV commercial:

Nnenna Agba is the the 24 yr old Nigerian with the really thick Igbo accent that was on Cycle six of America's Next Top Model.The show comes on in the UK a few weeks from now on UKTV gold so i reckon you guys should look out for it.
I've posted excerpts of an interview she did with bet just after getting eliminated from the show in week nine What does Nnenna mean?
Nnenna: It means father’s mother comes back from a different light. It’s Nigerian.

BET : During one challenge, you got a little loose and ended up kissing a male model. What was that about?
Nnenna: That was an effort to run from the stereotype. I didn’t want to get pinned as the boring girl. It was just a photo shoot, nothing more. Were you surprised when you were sent home?
Nnenna: Not really. I thought it might be me. I didn’t transform into a mermaid and that’s what modeling is about.

When asked whether she was still withe her botfriend John after her shinanigans on the show
Nnenna says:

Yes, we’re working things out. I regret some of the things I said and the way I spoke to him on the show and he regrets some things too. And my leaving had nothing to do with him. I’m responsible.

[spotted at Generation Nubian]

Nnenna, 24, is a chemist from Houston.
Her last name is Agba.
Nnenna and her constant phone calls to her boyfriend provide some friciton {re: tension} with other contestants


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Anonymous said...

It is so Unnecessary to keep making reference to her accent! At least she is not trying to sell out like some of you guys that aren't even born here and come to America to force-change the way you talk by all means.