Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thandie Newton Out & About in London

thandie newton
Actress Thandie Newton recently attended the Suka Restaurant at Sanderson Hotel Reopening Party in London looking fashion forward chic.
thandie newton

[photos by Nick Harvey]
Rocking an pleasing purple eye shadow Thandie Newton pose for pictures at Lavender Trust Party in white snug-fit silk dress.
thandie newton

[photos by H Cunningham ]

Thandie went for a retro flapper look at Sam Taylor Wood's Birthday Party.
[photos by Eamonn McCormack]

Thandie was seen rocking the same pair of leopard print shoes first at a store opening and recently at a b'day bash. Which look is on lock?

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Miss Chi Chi said...

Thanks to reader Gold for pointing out the shoes Thandie wore twice in less than a week!