Thursday, March 29, 2007

Akon at BET's Spring Bling!

Akon was spotted recently at BET's 2007 Spring Bling alongside R&B singer Omarion.
Catch this fun filled event in action on BET April 5-8th.
[See more flicks from this event over at CONCRETELOOP.COM]

Pictured above is Gwen Stefani with the 2007 American Idol finalists. She will perform “The Sweet Escape” with Akon on the results show Wednesday, March 28 on Fox.

Now onto those petty Akon and Wyclef supergroup rumors that's been hitting the blogs and hip-hop scene. Apparently Wyclef is going around telling folks who'll listen that he's creating a group with himself, Akon and a girl. Well SOHH caught up with Akon at Spring Bling to let us all know if this rumor is true or not.
"SOHH ran into Akon down at BET's Spring Bling in West Palm Beach this past weekend and to make a long story short. Wyclef is a liar.

[Akon and Wyclef at the 2007 Grammy's]
"He just be saying shit like that just to be creating a rumor just to exaggerate the hype, 'cause everybody miss the Fugees," Akon told SOHH. "Being that he was one of the key players of putting that group together, he kinda wanna keep that legacy alive, kinda like Elvis or Pac. So I think he just be doing it just to be bullshitting." [SOHH.COM]
Things that make me go hmmm....

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