Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chris Rock has a crush on Sade!?!?

When I came across this tidbit in the current issue of "InStyle" magazine which features Halle Berry on the cover. I couldn't stop laughing. Chris Rock has a crush on Sade!?!?
"Funnyman Chris Rock missed a golden opportunity to impress his all-time crush, Sade, because she found his comedy costume hilarious. The comedian/actor admits he has always thought the sultry singer is "the most beautiful woman in the world,” but he was anything but a “Smooth Operator,” when he got a chance to meet her. Rock recalls, "I was on “Saturday Night Live,” and she was the musical guest. I was dying to meet this woman. "Somehow, some way, somebody wrote some League Of Justice sketch, where I had to play (BATMAN sidekick) ROBIN. "Now, I'm really skinny and I got on the tights and the Robin stuff, and I'm watching Sade do her sound check and she looks out and sees me and then starts giggling. She just giggles uncontrollably." [SPOTTED AT PANACHEREPORT.COM via CONTACTMUSIC.COM]


wienna said...

Na wa o. So, to cut d long story short, d bobo no make move on her.

Miss Chi Chi said...

Chris could had Sade right before he got married. I think Sade was married at the time of his infatuation.