Monday, November 10, 2008

R.I.P. Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba ("Mama Africa"/"Empress of African Song") passed away from a heart attack after a concert in southern Italy late Sunday. She was only 76 according to Yahoo's OMG Blog. Miriam helped bring African music to a global audience ever since the 1960's.

Just last month I did a blog post on Miriam's breakthrough hit, "Pata Pata." Oh so sad news indeed!

Miriam was also known as anti-apartheid activist and she died after her concert which was against organized crime. Below is a clip of Miriam and Alicia Keys performing at the World AIDS Day back in the day.

"Pata Pata"

Miriam Makeba will be missed - R.I.P!


dana said...

this is really sad! she will be greatly missed!

Standtall said...

Mama Africa, rest in peace

Chi-Chi said...

She will be missed! :(