Monday, January 07, 2008


Samantha Mumba smiled for cameras in support of her new TV gig, "Dancing on Ice" at the Natural History Museum:

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The Sun had a interesting quote from the 24 year-old singer/actress Samantha Mumba:

“My high point has been losing weight. Squeezing into smaller jeans - Now that’s something that hasn’t happened in a long time!”

Visit here to see Samantha's "Dancing On Ice" partner, Pavel Aubrecht.

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Uzo said...

I remember Samantha Mumba..Was not a big fan though...How big did she get?

Chi-Chi said...

I do recall Samantha being really huge towards 2000's. She had the hit songs and a AD campaign with Bongo I believe.

Click on her name on the bottom of the post. I did a few articles on her success.

wienna said...

Oh no, not again...a bunch of z-listers who wanna make a comeback. But come o, isn't dat Lesley Garrett, d classical singer on d left? Never been a fan of d show, won't be watching it. Strictly Come Dancing is enough for me, thanks.