Saturday, January 05, 2008

got IT better: ALEK OR DANELLA?

During the 2007 BET Awards rehearsals, "The Black Carpet" host Danella wore this red and black Dolce and Gabbana satin sheath.

Sudanese beauty Alek Wek rock the same D&G dress to the Dolce & Gabbana's "The One" Fragrance Launch.

Alek Wek and in Dolce and Gabbana...who got IT better?

Photos: wireimage

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wienna said...

D danella girl mos def rocked it way better. Alek's too lanky to wear such dress. Maybe something a bit beyond d knees would've been better.

Chi-Chi said...

Happy New Year to you, Wienna!

I also thought Danella wore the look better than Alek.

Uzo said...

I agree...Danella rocked it better...I guess the fact that her figure is fuller than Alek's goes a long way...