Tuesday, October 30, 2007


One of Feels Good 2 B Home's favorite couples (Seal and Heidi) pose for a VW photo shoot. As reported on earlier the twosome are the face of the car company here in the U.S.

The Victoria's Secret model pose with her Grammy-Award winning husband at Studio 4 in West Hollywood. Reportedly Heidi calls Seal "Schatzi" which is a German term of endearment. When the pair held their first joint interview on "Oprah", they reveal that they have a annual wedding ceremony on their May 10th wedding anniversary. Click here to watch Seal perform his comeback single, "Amazing" on Dancing With The Stars.

Thoughts on the pictures?

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Uzo said...

Definitely one of my fave couples too...

Chi-Chi said...

Likewise, Uzo. I'm glad I caught them on "Oprah"...they seem very much into one another.