Tuesday, July 10, 2007


For all who loves those fashion comparions, here'a site to visit, "Obsessed-Hoopla."

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Yes this is a shameless plug. "Obsessed-Hoopla" is my new fashion blog catering to endless fashion faceoffs.
If you want to become apart of these informative "Site to Visit" blog posts AND if you don't see something YOU think I should cover, do contact me at feelsgood2bhome@gmail.com!

In the meantime, here are some things to look forward to:
1.) Two new fresh faces. (Hint: One's on "Law & Order" and the other's runway model turned actress.)
2.) A giveway contest for those who love Naija Christian music.
3.) More updates this month on all these Naija/Afro culture.
4.) A shocking blind item between two female Nollywood stars!

Check out this cool clip of a Yoruba joke:

[feels good 2 b home]


wienna said...

laaaawwwwlu.....saw dis clip a few months ago and whenever i see it, i just crack up. D convo is so on point with d animation. Can u imagine dis type of scene in those yoruba movies with those rascals.

Chi said...

I couldn't stop laughing. Yesterday I was Yoruba for the day so this clip was the one I had on my mind.