Monday, July 09, 2007


Actress Thandie Newton and musician Akon supported "Live Earth" 24 hour long concert special this past weekend:

Thandie in black PVC pants:

Via Contact Music:
Hollywood star THANDIE NEWTON has urged the world to go green, because it makes people more attractive. The actress launched into an impromptu speech at the London leg of Live Earth after stepping on stage to introduce Al Gore via a video-link from Washington, and a delay left her with minutes to fill. She said, "I'm onstage infront of two billion people and I have nothing interesting to say. "Actually I do. Coming to live earth increases our attractiveness to a potential mate about 200 per cent - say you've come to Live Earth is a way of saying you're hung like a warlord."

Akon performed his hit, "Don't Matter" shirtless:

Akon later admitted that he didn't know what being green meant:
Interestingly, Senegalese-American hip-hop artist Akon admitted to not really knowing what "green" was before showing up at Live Earth to perform. But now he knows, and when asked about how important an issue addressing climate crisis is in Senegal or Africa, the rapper deflected the question, alluding to the fact that they may have bigger fish to fry -- like poverty, if you're listening, Mr. Geldof.
[pictures spotted at Concrete Loop]

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