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FG2BH Interviews Madarocka

Last month, I got the opporunity to interview hip-hop Naija artist, Madarocka. We discussed her fans, her unique stage name, her music, her sense of style, her dreams and what it felt like to met two known Naijas-2Face Idiba and Ramsey Noah.


How did you get your stage name, MADAROCKA?
From the American pronunciation of my name Nmadilaka. It was transformed to MADAROCKA because Mada rocks a mic or any stage.

Describe how it felt to met 2Face. [2Face Idibia's Naija latest superstar.]
It’s exhilarating to see that Nigeria is producing such talent from home. I have been performing for Kenny and D1 since before they even put 2face out. So I am just happy to see the talent being exposed to the level it is now.

Describe your moment on the SAME stage as Ramsey Noah during the Naija Independence Day celebration last year.
I honestly was not so impressed by that. I was more focused on the event as a whole. It was nice to meet Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde. She is actually friends with my brother. I think Ramsey is all right as a Nollywood actor but not my favorite. Actually, I was a bit embarrassed at how shallow he is.

What's the best song of your own that you enjoy to perform?
The song Treat Me Like a Lady performed to the Roots, ‘You Got Me’

Best music experience?

My best music experience was when I was a small gal just getting introduced to the music industry at Miami How Can I Be Down Hip-Hop Music Conference. KRS-1 the Hip Hop philosopher and teacher, my 1st lyrical mentor, came out of his penthouse suite in South Beach to get a closer listen to this viscous voice with a powerful message coming from such a little princess, me.

Who design your video “Love Me”?
I wrote my own treatment and the director did his thing.

What's it like being apart of the young Naija music scene?
As I earlier mentioned, I am a pioneer in the Naija music scene since as long as I can remember along with my big brother UGO. He used to work with Kenny and D1 in Los Angeles, so the vision goes way back. As a leader you set out to do something and others sometime catch on and help to develop it to new heights. We had been holding down Naija in the Hollywood and underground music scene, but now it’s is exciting to see the growth in skills from the artists. Nigerians are going to rule the music scene in Africa I strongly believe.

What award did you receive that meant a lot to you?
Nigeria Entertainment Award symbolizes my respect and love from my Nigerian community.

What's your main source of inspiration for your songs.
The word of God and my everyday life’s reality is my inspiration.

Is Music your form of expression? If so how did you stumble into music?
Yes, it is definitely, music and poetry. My Mom always loved singing and dancing around the house to gospel highlife. Then as a teen my brother UGO started a rap group and I followed him everywhere I could until I picked up the flow.

Do you write your music?
One of my God-given gifts is to write, so I surely do write my songs. I recently presented a spoken words/poetry salutation “I am Mother Africa” in honor of International Women’s Day for the US Ambassador of Zambia and US Ambassador of Malawi, both whom are women.

Do you like or rather LOVE to sing?
Yes, Ma’am, I LOVE to sing!

Who are your heroes (Family? Naija artist? American artist?)
My Heroes are Jesus Christ, my brother ALO (R.I.P.), David who slain Goliath, all African woman leaders past an present, Bishop and Pastor Copeland (N.C.C.F.), Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Tina Turner, Juanita Bynum, Tupac Shakur.

If you could have appeared in a Naija movie, what would it be?
I like the movie “Through the Fire” by NigerAmerica Pictures because it’s the 1st Nigerian film shot in HD cam. However, I would like the producer Chuks Etolue to film a movie and get Patience Ozokwor. and a few of my favorite Nollywood acts and myself as the lead character would be a great line up. We could shoot a comedy.

Who is your dream American/Naija artist to work with?
My artist collabos would be Kirk Franklin, Tina Turner, Ludacris, Femi Kuti, Pharell, Sonny Bobo. I also might want to work with Lauren Hill. I think she is so misunderstood. It will happen in God’s name!

Which do you prefer your 9 to 5 job or your music career?
Is that a question…music!

What's your first name?

What's your favorite Naija/American Food?
I love to eat Yam porridge, plantain and fried tilapia.

Name a favorite hobby of yours.
My hobby is styling natural hair, braids and dreadlocks.

Have you ever thought of acting? (ie. Queen Latifah paved the way for female MCs wanting to break into acting.)

Of course!

Do you have a boyfriend?

Not for the moment. I hang out with my man, Jesus these days.

Were you born here? (If so, what part of Naija are you representing)?
I was born in Washington, DC. I represent Imo State.

Impact myspace has had on your career?
Myspace connects me with real music fans from all around the world. It definitely helps with creating an impact and meeting and keeping in touch with other industry folks.

Do you put your fans into your top myspace friends list?
Yes, I have several favorite fans in my top Myspace friends list. Big up to my Soldiers and Soldierettes from Myspace.

Craziest fan moment/experience (you as a fan/your fans).
Fan to me just means a music appreciator. That’s why I love and appreciate all my fans b/c they are the ones who try to understand me. Some years ago, I was excited to be in the same arena with Tina Turner when I attended the Mobo Awards. I was there with D’Angelo (Brown Sugar) and his manager Domonique Trenier who is a friend of mine so we all stood in a circle and I prayed for us all at the dinner as she was being honored. I got to see Tina Turner perform live in London and had a celebrity all the ladies love falling for me.


Can you recall the furthest destination your music career has taken you?
I have gone to Germany to perform in Leipzig. I guess that’s the farthest destination so far besides London & Nigeria of course. This summer I will be performing in Toronto, Canada.

If you had a live concert in Nigeria and had itinerary, what people/things will you put on it?
I have done concerts in Nigeria over the years mainly doing the mc thing. I am looking forward to performing with a band and dancers to take it to another level.

Ever performed in Nigeria? Would you perform in English/Naija?
Mostly I perform in English and incorporate Naija dialogues where I can.

Who designs your outfits?
Mostly, I design my own clothes. I have Estella Couture to design a few.

Describe why you choose your Afrocentric hairstyle:
I just choose not to use chemical lye on my hair. I actually feel I look better with a natural Afro.

Describe your personal sense of style:
My style is a combination of old mix with new, Africa mixed with Western. It’s original to my taste. Not many people can get away with styles I wear. I like taking chances and being original.

Want to learn more about Madarocka? Visit her official myspace page for more!


wienna said...

Well, she's definitely honest abour Ramsey, dat i've to say. I've not heard of her music b4.

Miss Chi Chi said...

Wienna, she's absolutely right about Ramsey. I met him last year and he's exactly the way she described him as. -smh-

But he seem cool afterwards. I guess he's not used to be famous.

wienna said...

Hmmm...well, i hope he reads dis, so he can change his ways cos those celebs should know dat they owe us fans dat at least.

Miss Chi Chi said...

I get the fact that celebrity are just like regular people but I mean I was disappointed. How could you act like that to your own people?!!?