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Feels Good 2 B Home chats with musician Ka-Chi.

On January 28th, Feels Good 2 B Home interviewed Ka-Chi, a young inspiring musician from Maryland. Ka-Chi's originally from Lagos, Nigeria, however he's Igbo. Ka-Chi started his own independent record label, Katchy Sounds Publishing, to showcase his sound. He also started singing professionally for less than a year now and his fan base grows each day. Although he has a job as Electrical engineer, Ka-Chi's passion is music.
Ka-Chi's 'Give My Soul Liberty' is the fundamental pieces of light music. His remake of Bob Marley's 'Redemption Song' is done rightfully so. Ka-Chi is what Naija music is all about--uplifting and inspirational.

Feels Good 2 B Home Q/A with Ka-Chi:

How did you get your stage name, Ka-Chi?
Kachi is my real name. Its short for Onyekachi, but family and friends have called me Kachi since I was little. I put the hyphen in because when I left Nigeria, people had difficulty saying the name when they saw it written. The hyphen helped break the syllables, nothing special.

Why the tagline, Soul Liberty?
Soul Liberty is a life long journey of self liberation. It became my calling card because I wrote the song during a key period in my life when I was discovering my love for music and distaste for conformance with certain things just because of expectations from external factors. I realized that true success and happiness only comes when we find and accept who we are and live true to ourselves, steering our lives in the direction we want to go rather than just being driven.

Best gig you played at?
Not sure yet. I think there are many great ones to come, so far I like playing at The 8X10 club in Baltimore. The sound is great and its not difficult to get transported into another place when on stage. Last gig there was January 17 07.

Music business loves to compare new artists with some legends. Who will you say your music sounds like?
I've been compared to Bob Marley, I think because my music usually carries a message and I sound and look very passionate when playing. People also say I remind them of Cat Stevens, and more recently Jack Johnson.

Dream duet--Dead or alive? Nigerian or American?
Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill Marley, or Onyeka Onwenu (sorry, I cheated and picked 3:-) .... oh and maybe India.Arie too.

Katchy Sounds Publishing-your record label?
Katchy Sounds is the umbrella of my music business. Its a publishing company with ASCAP and I register all my copyrights under Katchy Sounds. It also handles production, recording, marketing, and promotional duties and therefore doubles as my independent recording company.

What do you hope your music brings to listeners?
I'm bringing back good music with a message in a time where there's so much music out there but no one's really saying anything. Back in the day, the music was entertaining but yet the artists were saying something - Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, different folk in different genres - they usually sang about something. I see myself as a troubadour in the true sense of the word. I strive to entertain, but my strength lies in my lyrics and I hope listeners will actually listen because every line says something.

What do you do to write your songs?
Nothing really (sorry to disappoint). Sometimes I write right after an experience, like the song "Date With the Law". I wrote it after I got pulled over by the police, but then I built in a collection of experiences past and some fictional. Another song "Safe in these arms" I wrote when my girlfriend at the time said she felt safe in my arms :-). I just picked up my pen and started writing. Most of the songs I write are based on experiences that I am currently living, either right there and then like those songs, or over a period.

Ever thought of performing in Nigeria?
Yes, I hope to someday

Say one thing you think people don't know about you.
I'm an introvert, and really a quiet personality. Most people that know me do know that I'm a thinker, but I always try to join in the party and mingle when I'd rather just be chilling by the living room fire chatting with a few close folk.

Common fan question?
Where are you from?

Favorite 'Wow, I made it' moment.
I'm still waiting. But yeah, first time I played at The 8x!0, a girl in the audience broke up with her boyfriend that night [because] she wanted to leave with me. I think it was "Safe in these arms" that did it :-) I didn't oblige, but she bought a CD anyway.

How did you go from Electrical engineering to Music?
Music has always been a part of my life, I wrote a lot and played some keyboard when I was younger, and I've always been the kind of guy that excelled at what I set my mind to. I chose Engineering as a career path bcos it was a good choice for financial security and I was also good at Math and very analytical. When I started working as an electrical engineer I still felt something was missing, so I picked up the guitar and went back to music.

Ever sang in your native tongue?
Nothing original.

Which is your passion--Electrical Engineering or Music?

How do you juggle your music career with your 9 to 5 job?
It's been tough, I actually left a very rewarding but demanding engineering job for one where I'd have time for my music.

Your first gig, how did it go?
It went well, I think. I had a very accelerated music career. I got my first solo paying gig a month or so after playing my first open mic. It was at a bar in downtown Baltimore and I had to play for almost 4 hours! It was a Wednesday night, some friends and family came out to support, and there was a small but decent crowd in the bar.

How long have you been singing as 'Ka-Chi?'
It hasn't been a full year yet.

Why did you choose to go independent and not with a major record label?
I'm a DIY type of guy. I believe in myself and my abilities, so the moment I decided I wanted to do this, I just figured out how to do it myself. If a major lable approaches me in the future, I'll listen to what they have to say, but I would rather define myself first rather than have someone package me as something I am not.
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