Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Boris Kodjoe looked every bit like the fashion designer he has become in a new one-page article featured in the new "Uptown" magazine. All I have to say about the photo is swagger, swagger, swagger!

(Photo credit: Derek Blanks/ Thanks Necole!)

So I paid a visit to my local Barnes & Noble last night, the following romance novel cover got my attention.

By the looks of it, that's male model Ngo Okafor! (Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me but I'm waiting on him to confirm/deny that's him.) Do add him on myspace right here.

Tyra Banks visited a topic that is still revelant in few African countries. When I visited Nigeria a few years ago, I noticed a few of my Nigerian sisters bleaching their natural complexion for a lighter (re: what they consider more desirable) skin. Some of them argue that men wouldn't married them if they weren't lighter. (Do keep in mind these men are also dark but they don't have to bleach. Insert: the side-eye!) So when Tyra decided to use her datyime talk show as a platform to speak about it, I tune in.

I've been asked by many why do we bleach our complexion? Well the same can be said for those who enjoy tanning? You simply can't have it both ways. Skin bleaching is a hip thing to do within the black community and I say that very loosely! This is a HOT topic on Tyra's website. Darker women wants to be lighter and the fair women wants to be tan. What do you think?

UPDATE: Check out the entire episode...

I wish I found these Halle Berry's DVF gold metallic "Molto" sandals during the Summer time. They would been perfect for the wedding I went to back in August.


Photo credits: Gossip Girls/FLYNET

Speaking of gold, isn't LaLa's Yves Saint Laurent sequin "Mombasa" bag AND Haute Hippie beaded tunic divine?! *By the way Lauren Conrad also wore this tunic recently.

Beyonce's high-fashion photo session with Tony Duran raised a few eyebrows but would have rock this Jean Paul Gaultier zebra print coat better than Mrs. Carter?

ESSENCE.COM got a great makeover...and I like what they did with the layout. It's easier to read, huh?

disclaimer: All rants/thoughts are in good humor!

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      Ladybrille said...

      Agree Halle's sandals are hot. Luving Estelle n everytime I hear her I just think the first thing I will tell that chcik when I meet her is FG2BH started the hype b/4 she even touched the USA market.

      Anyway, great post as usual. Trust u r well!


      Chi-Chi said...

      Those sandals are hot, huh? Love them! Funny thing is that I already met Estelle. :)

      Tomjeffy said...

      Hello sir. Ver thanks but it didnt solved the problem...