Friday, February 08, 2008


Nigerian model Yomi Abiola attended the Black Aids Day tribute to black grandmothers in New York City. The red carpet event was also apart of New York AIDS Film Festival. At the event the statuesque model pose with Cassie, Suzanne Africa Engo, Georgianna Robertson.

All About Yomi Abiola:
-She's the daughter of late Chief MKO Abiola.
-She can be seen in AD campaigns for MAYBELLINE.
-She's a college graduate from Reading University where she studided Politics and International Relations.

Yomi on her plans for the future: At a very young age I learnt that you just can't plan life. It wasn't a nice way for me to find that out, but it's a good thing to know. My father was self-educated but he still became the greatest figure in Nigerian history. He taught me to dream and to believe that your dreams can come true. That's his lasting legacy. [read more of her interview over at]

Photos: wireimage/credit/ credit


wienna said...

U has gostabe kidding me, right? For an Abiola offspring, dat girl fine o. Most of dat man's kids always resemble am especially with dat trademark 'ears'. I'm surprised she didn't take up those traits. Are u sure she's really Abiola's daughter cos u and i both know dat dat man really left a battalion of offsprings b4 he died.

Chi-Chi said...

The photo agency identify her as Yomi Abiola.

There is a possibility that she is NOT Yomi.

Chi-Chi said...

No I just checked that is her! Beautiful, isn't she?

Naija Vixen said...

lmao @wienna
u too funny!
shes a pretty chic tho

Chi-Chi said...

^^Hey Naijavixen!

Wienna's comments always get me rolling, lol!

LMAO @ battalion of offsprings b4 he died.

Paris said...

wow i am in total shock!
she's pretty 2.