Wednesday, January 09, 2008


When I saw this news about Nigerian Chidi Ogbuta's wedding over at Juicy-News, I simply shook my head and the following explained why I'm still shaking my head:

Chidi Ogbuta, a bride in Texas who commissioned a wedding cake to be SHAPED EXACTLY LIKE HER, right down to the tears - er, tiers - of her wedding gown. It's been Chidi's life-long dream to get a doll made to look like her.

CNN is reporting a kidnapping of a three-year old Nigerian-British girl that ended well. Margaret Hill of Port Hartcourt was held by kidnappers for four days. Hill was captured on her way to school and suffered mosquito bites.

Visit here to see live footage of Margaret returning back home with her parents.

Mike and Oluchi Hill

UPDATE: Thanks to Wienna and my nameless readers who commented me back and e-mail back, this CNN news break is OLD!

The World According To Adaure reported this tidbit LAST year!

I swear this was like breaking news on CNN online. All my fellow Nigerians peers came up to me asking me if I heard about this kidnapping.

A year old story JUST getting attention?? Things that make me go hmm...


[feels good 2 b home]


wienna said...

Don't even get me started about dat annoying cake. Don't wanna say something i'll regret again.

About dat girl dat was kidnapped, why u dey post am now, it happened about 6 months ago now or so, old news. It was even reported dat the father died of heart attack a few weeks later.

Chi-Chi said...

Are you sure this is the same kidnapping story?

I'm just learning about the news now. CNN was reporting the story like it's brand new.

LOL @ the cake!

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

the kidnapping story was last year summer...check adaure's blog..

lol @ the cake...lmao


wienna said...

Are u kidding me? But then it's CNN, i can't believe people still watch dat channel for real. If not for Anderson Cooper(say d man fine), nothing will make me watch dat channel. I prefer Fox news(despite their pro-war agenda) anytime and Al Jazeera. Dat news is sooooooooo old news, there was so much controversy surrounding d news then.