Monday, January 28, 2008


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magazine credit: Pride

Over the past weekend, I headed over to my local newsstand where I pick up a copy of "Pride" magazine.

London's R&B songbird Estelle is on the cover of the magazine's December edition.

Considering the hoopla surrounding Estelle thanks to John Legend and Kanye West, I decided to read the cover story and I was surprised to learn that Estelle is half Senegalese and half Grenadian.

Quick scoops on Estelle:
-She's a VH1 "You Oughta Know" artist.
-John Legend's Homeschool Records has her as a labelmate.
-She's the oldest of 8.
-Virgin Unite has her as their Ambassador.
-Her full name is Estelle Swaray.
-"Shine", Estelle's new record, drops May 2008. On this new album, Estelle worked with Wyclef Jean,, Swizz Beats, Mark Ronson and Kanye West.
-She's best known for her hit, "1980".
-Estelle sings, writes, produces, and raps.

Check out her video for "Wait A Minute (Just A Touch)": produced "Wait A Minute".

"American Boy" with Kanye West is Estelle's current single:

Speaking of which, Estelle was spotted in Brooklyn filming her "American Boy" video with Kanye West and John Legend:

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Photo credit: Concrete Loop via Filmmagic.

Live performances and interviews:
Wait A Minute at Jools Holland
Shine at Jools Holland
Estelle and John Legend interview

Estelle's videography (notable music videos Estelle worked on):
-"Free" featuring So Solid and John Legend
-"Touch Me, Tease Me" featuring 3SL

Links to Estelle:
Estelle's Official Site
Estelle's Myspace page
Estelle's YouTube page


wienna said...

I really hope she makes it in US dis time around. I don't understand why urban artistes in d UK are never promoted or go far enough, like their white counterparts. Look at Nathan for instance, he had to stoop so low by appearing on Big Brother.

Chi-Chi said...

^^Wienna, you can say that again.

Estelle reminds me of Lauryn Hill with a little of bit of Ms. Dynamite.

With the support of Kanye West and John Legend, Estelle is going to be heard and recognized for her talent.

Uzo said...

Estelle is hot..I hope she gets more recognition this time