Saturday, January 12, 2008


Djimon Hounsou and his girlfriend Kimora Lee Simmons pose together for the February edition of "Harper's Bazaar" magazine.

In the glossy four-page spread, Djimon and Kimora wore designer clothes from Calvin Klein (who Djimon endorsed last year), Giorgio Armani, KLS Collection (her clothing line), and Gucci.

Shot by photographer Peter Lindbergh, Djimon and Kimora rock matching his and hers white cotton button-up shirts.

Kimora and Djimon started their courtship last February as heavily reported on Feels Good 2 B Home.

Below are excerpts taken from the interview that I typed up for FG2BH readers:

Djimon on Kimora: She's the least high-maintenance lady I've ever dated.

Djimon on Kimora's two children (Ming Lee and Aoki Lee Simmons): They're great kids. I take my hat off to Kimora for the way she's carried them along with her business. And Russell as well. It's extremely commendable what they do with the kids.

Kimora on Djimon's Calvin Klein AD: That ad is hot as hell. And that body is sick. It's really that way.

Kimora on their relationship: He's a reality check for me, and I'm a fabulosity check for him.

After my breakup, I thought, I don't need anything. Russell used to tel me, 'You look good, you're wealthy, you're young,, you have kids. Screw the world.'

And I kind of started to believe that. But now I have someone who has the heart, the soul, and the hotness. Who knows?

I could be eating my words later, but I really doubt it. If people were betting, they would bet their good money on Djimon.

Djimon on what attracted him to Kimora: I wanted to find a wonderful persoon to be with, which is the most challenging thing in our business.

My first impression has always been the same: that she's a beautiful lady, very capable and intelligent and smart with great family values.

You see her reality show, and some would call her a quote-unquote high-maintenance lady.

Some lady may look at it as if it's a honeymoon stage, but she's the least maintenance lady I've ever dated.

I'll bet my hand on that. Or however you say it.


Scanned by [feels good 2 b home]


wienna said...

Hmm...still wondering how far it'll go? Wonder why her and Russell split in d first place? They both looked great together.

SET said...

They are cute together. Kimora is sprung for shure and that she is the most low maintenance chic he's dated? hmmm not buying that maybe bcus she spends her own cash.

Anonymous said...

Chi-Chi said...

From the outside looking in, Djimon and Kimora come across as complete opposites!

After reading this article, Djimon sincerely seem like he's in in love with Kimora.

Kimora is WRONG for throwing in everyone's faces about his body, lol!

Uzo said...

LOL..Fabulousity check?

I hope it works out for them though....They seem to really be into each other...

Chi-Chi said...


I also laughed at Kimora's fabulousity check comment too.

Kimora's sooo over the top and Djimon comes across as cool, calm, and collected. Opposites attract I suppose.