Saturday, November 24, 2007


Yesterday I celebrated Thanksgiving's Day with my family so I decided to post up these pictures of Ethipian model Liya Kebede with HER close-knit family. On this blog, I posted up pictures of Seal and Thandie with their family so I thought it was only fair to post Liya posing hers. Thanks to Getty Images, Style, and Celebutopia for the pictures.

Liya and her daughter (Raee) at the 'Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash' hosted by Jessica Seinfeld, wife of Jerry Seinfield at New York own The Waterfront on May 22, 2007. (FYI: Liya had her daughter back in August 2005.)

Liya backstage at Michael Kors fashion show with her daughter, Raee. (Liya gave her daughter behind-the-scenes scoop on what the effort it takes into running a fashion show.)

Visit here to see my earlier post of Liya at NYC Fashion Week.

Liya with her fiance businessman husband, Kassy Kebede, who she calls a very secure man.

Liya was voted on the Forbes "Top 15 Supermodels" list. Check out the clip from the show below:

Thanks to Ladybrille and my Feels Good 2 B Home readers for wishing me a good Turkey Day. I am thankful for all the comments and e-mails you all send on a day to day basis. :)

What were you thankful for as you ate your dinner yesterday?

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