Monday, October 22, 2007


Van Vicker and Jackie A. Appiah team up once again in the Ghana film, "Princess Tyra". Here's the gist...
Kay (Van Vicker) falls in love with a maid Maafia (Jackie A. Appiah) from his wife-to-be Princess Tyra's Ilugbo kingdom. Problem arises when Kay impregnates Maafia- which is a taboo. This tidbit is just a tip of many plot twists to come. By the time part 2 comes on, the viewers are introduced to Maafia's childhood story line and how much it effects her relationship with Kay.

What kept me watching was the consistent costume change Princess Tyra had. The girl had on a different skirt and blouse each scene she did.

A few of my favorite outfits worn by Princess Tyra...

One thing I wish the characters had was a little bit of soul. The mother of Princess Tyra acted indifferent when she learned Kay got a maid pregnant. I sort of wish the woman would act with a taste of elegance as this child is her first grandchild. Princess Tyra acts as if things should be her way ALL the time. I crack up when she ordered the store manager to have everyone in his shopping mall out so she can shop in peace with her servants besides her. I have to hand it to Kay for putting up with his wife-to-be's over the top antics. I wish the movie show Princess Tyra doing something other than shopping. Princess Tyra could have done a bit of charitable work or given speeches. The slaps in this movie were all types of saucy! I love them! By the end of "Princess Tyra", you'll know that Kay and Maafia's relationship blossom as a result of that ritual foot cleansing bath.

Alright enough with me ranting and raving over "Princess Tyra", I have to applaud the film makers for their polished editing style. Each scene blended in with the other. Continuity was great especially when they told Maafia's childhood story. The DVD features includes an interactive menu and chapter selection. "Princess Tyra 3" ties up all the loose plot lines from "Princess Tyra" part 1 & 2.

Check out the film's trailer here and here. Just in case the links doesn't work...

Thoughts on Princess Tyra?

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