Saturday, October 13, 2007


Recorded at The Old Poolhouse in Old Brookville, New York City, Naija singer and composer Chasity Nwagbara worked with pop music's biggest star Jennifer Lopez on the track, "Stay Together."

"Stay Together" is featured on Jennifer Lopez's current album, "Brave". Chasity also co-wrote "Mile in These Shoes". Incidentally "Mile In These Shoes" was use for promo clips of "Desperate Housewives".

So I found all this out after reading the inside jacket of Brave while waiting on line in Target last night. To my surprise there's no website (re: myspace) featuring this upcoming talent that is Chasity Nwagbara. Working for J.Lo is a BIG DEAL and hopefully it'll open doors for Chasity's songwriting career. Chasity already has a publishing development with BMI called "Miss Chas Publishing".

What are your thoughts on Chasity's vocals and songwriting skills?

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wienna said...

Hmmm....nice one. I prefer d 'stay 2gether' song to d her 1st single. Very catchy tune!

Chi-Chi said...

I like "Stay Together" too...that's my favorite song on the album. Hopefully she'll release it that way we get to see Chasity Nwagbara.

Immanuel said...

"Stay Together" is not very good. Its a typical pop song...easy!
'Mile in these shoes' is better...

I wanna see wat Chasity looks like...cant find an image online (found this page in the process). She needs cyber presence.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen this Naija babe from the north making waves for us. Her name is Di'Ja..oh boy hausa babe dey,
Google her Di'Ja, join her facebook DI'Ja and also follow her on twitter. Her song Rocksteady is the jam man. She always performed on the same stage as Akon in Sierra leone. I hear she is also half Sierra Leonean