Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Naija beauty vixen Agbani Darego has extended her modeling career with a lucrative deal for world-renowned agency, Ford Models. In the following videos, the gorgerous L'Oreal spokes model dishes advice on modeling techniques.

On modeling scams:
Agbani Darego on Modeling Scams

On the steps you'll need to apply at an agency:
Agbani Darego on How to Apply to an Agency

On what to wear at a casting call
Agbani Darego on Wardrobe Styling

On how to apply make-up:
Agbani Darego's Basic Makeup Tips

Videos via Ford Model Myspace page and Bella Naija.

Isn't her Naija accent cute? Agbani is best known as the first African woman to win Miss World title back in 2001.

[feels good 2 b home]


wienna said...

My gosh, chi-chi, how am i disappointed in u right now. It's bad enough dat Bella 9ja featured d same video in her blog but u too. Chaaaaai, and how can u say she's got a cute 9ja accent? For God's sake, even a 2 year old can hear and see dat it's d worst fake american accent they've ever heard. Agbani's lost 'that sparkle' and smooth skin we saw in her when she first won d miss world. And what d heck is with d pouting? I thought it's only white women dat do dat kind nonsense.
There, enough of my venting!

Chi-Chi said...

that's why I didn't update in awhile here. I can't find anything to report on.

Chi-Chi said...

Agbani DOES look different than when she first came on the scene.

You got me saying chaaaaaaaaaaaaai! (my new saying, lol!)

wienna said...

Nna, it's your blog now, it's your right to post whatever u want. I'm just ranting o, at least it gives one something to talk about now. Se u get my drift?

Chi-Chi said...

It's cool, Wienna. You're keeping me on my toes, though.