Thursday, September 20, 2007


On Sept. 7th, Nollywood actors and comedians rallied together in celebration of "A Night of A Million Laughs." Pictured above is the aspiring Igbo Christian music singer Lady Gold and actor Bethels Agomuoh.

Michael Blackman of Ghana came through with his African bling! That's his girl in the background. Him being there cause some serious hoopla. Everyone tried to squeeze into every picture he took that night.

The stand-up acts were hilarious. Here is Michael Blackson and Lady Gold.

"A Night of A Million Laughs" bought out many high profile Nollywood actors and comedians at New York City's own St. Anthony of Padua Hall in Queens.

Michael Blackson rode into the event flaunting his silver Benz and African model girlfriend. Right after he did his skit (non-stop jokes), he got up and left the venue. Before he made a grand exit, I squeezed in with Lady Gold to talk a picture with him.

Sir Citor and Oliver Mbamara of "This America" was there.

Oliver Mbamara is also the director of the film, "Slave Warrior."

Betherls Agomuoh, CEO of AFRICAMOVIES.COM, served as the event's MC.

Sir Citor and Uche Ugbuagu after the event.

Sir Citor now is producing Lady Gold's music which is expect to come out later on this year.

Kanayo O. Kanayo, Uche "Talkingson" Ogbuagu, and Away Away on stage answering questions for their fans:

Talkingson sold his stand-up comedy album which is a must-have for all fans of his work. Uche later on explained to the crowd he was the first to launch comedy in Nigeria.

Away Away now carries the torch for many talented Nigerian comedians here in America.

Kanayo O Kanayo talked briefly about how fans will film a movie he's working on and sell it the same day on the street.

Sir Citor and Lady Gold of Golden Studio Inc; with Kanayo O Kanayo. Thanks Golden Studio Inc., AfricaMovies, and AfricanEvents for the invite!
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mystoriesmytestimonies said...

how come i did not hear of this...
abeg next time..let ur sister know..
i live in brooklyn, ny...
love ur blog

Chi said...

I literally heard about this event the morning of!

Next time something like this goes down, I'll post up info.

I went to the event despites the fact I was so sick.

Thanks for the love MM! :)

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

will be waiting for
thanks girl...

Chi said...

You're welcome, MM.

I do know that Omotola is coming back by the end of the month.
I still need confirmation from AfricaMovies....

wienna said...

It's good to see Michael Blackson supporting his African 'bredahs & sistehs' unlike some hypocrites out there.

Chi-Chi said...

Preach, Wienna, preach! (LOL!)