Thursday, September 13, 2007


This past Labor Day weekend for me was spent catching up on Nigerian/Ghanaian films*. One highlight from watching "Princess Tyra" and "Mummy's Daughter" was upcoming actress Jackie A. Appiah.

Appiah, born on December 5th, 1983, has appeared in "President's Daughter, Beyonce", "The Return of Beyonce", "Divine Love", "Mummy's Daughter", "Princess Tyra" and "Royal Battle."

Going back to "Mummy's Daughter", Jackie's acting skills seem polished and professional against current favorite Van Vicker. Simply put, when Jackie cries on camera or when she gets slapped here and there, the audience feels sympathy for her.

Here's Jackie's take on "Mummy's Daughter": “In my current movie I’m playing twins,” she says. “One has a way of speaking royally and the other is funky. It sometimes it gets confusing when you have to speak this way or that way and all together I have 74 scenes.”

Click on the image below of Jackie and Van Vicker to see a clip from "Mummy's Daughter":

Dare I call Miss Appiah Ghana's take of Nigeria's Genevieve Nnaji? Well Jackie HAS won an prestigious award straight out of Nigeria recently.

On winning the Nigerian movie award: “I feel very privileged that I got the (Nigerian) award and it’s given me courage that Ghanaian movies will go far,” she says. But she concedes that she still has a long way to go. “I’m still learning, I need to watch more movies to improve upon my acting, read more books…go to acting school and learn some new techniques.”

Unfortunately for her male fans, Jackie A. Appiah is a married woman. She now goes by Mrs. Jackie Agyemang. The young talented actress has a son named Damian.

"Mummy's Daughter" cover art:

{Nadia Buari, Van Vicker and Jackie are Ghana's leading actors.}

*Speaking of Nigerian films, Oliver Mbamara's directing debut, "Slave Warrior" is finally out on DVD! Purchase a copy from AFRICANMOVIES.COM.

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wienna said...

wow...i can't believe she's still dat young and married. She's an ok actress but i agree she's got a long way to go and a lot of polishing to do in her acting.
BTW...chi chi, i think i prefer your old template.

Chi said...

Wienna, my old template is CRAZY!
Something went so terribly wrong with it. I miss it too. :(

Jackie's a good actress though.

Anonymous said...

I just luv jackie and everything she does.she's one of the most talented actress in the world but she's got a long way to go with she want to go far.more grease to ur elbow JACK.

Anonymous said...

JA is a good actress...she is beautiful and doesn't need all that makeup.

Anonymous said...

Infact, Jackie is pretty and I love to watch more of her films. Darling keep it up and get the award for the best world actress.I love you girl

Gloria said...

infact, i love her ,she is very pretty and love the way she act and always love to see her in our movies both ghanaian and nigerian.i wish her all the best and the good lucks in the world.jackie more greese to to your elbow,keep the fire burning. i like to be your friend and love to see u one day.

Maame Yaa said...

i jackie ,u are the best ,keep it up.

Maame Yaa said...

Hi jackie,u are the best ,keep it up.

helena said...

hmm just good at what she does and i wish her all the best in her endeavours.

zandile said...

hi all u guys its zandy here just want to say miss appiah u rock my world. love ur eyes gal and those juicy lips

Oracle said...

Itz all good, Africans doing their thing

Anonymous said...

Jakki, u're very good in ur choosen career. Infact, i love every thing about you. Go gal, the sky is ur beginning.