Sunday, September 16, 2007


While watching the BET J original program series, "Soul of Africa" Rwandan R&B singer Corneille came on the stage. He speaks completely in French but he has a new single called "Back to Life" sung completely in English.

"Back to Life" is the lead single off his current album, The Birth Of Cornelius", which was released this July. Corneille according to his official myspace page is currently signed onto Motown.

His official website can be read in English and French. Feels Good 2 B Home pulled together for your viewing pleasure this semi-complete videography from this crowd pleasing African artist.

"avec classe"

"Seul Au Monde"

The following clip explains in detail his current album, "The Birth of Corneilus":

That's his wife with him in the clip.

And now the song (Rêves De Star) that he sang on "Soul of Africa":

His second English single, "Too Much of Everything":

"Too Much of Everything" back in June 2007 is playing on the 7 largest radio stations in Japan.
Watch his complete videography over at YOUTUBE.

Corneille's musical style reminds me of a young Stevie Wonder & Marvin Gaye meets a modern day Seal.

Get to know Corneille:
*He married his Portuguese & Canadian girlfriend of four years Sofia de Medeiros on September 9th, 2006 in a small and private ceremony by the lake at the Quintessence hotel, 130km north of Montreal.
*Corneille was born on March 24, 1977 in Freiburg, Germany.
*Sometime in 2007, Corneille formed the R&B Canadian group O.N.E which featured Gage Pierre and Martin Gardy.
*Corneille's first album,Parce qu'on vient de loin, was released in Sept. 2002 for his Canadian audience. However it was the October 2003 French verison that got him recognition and platinum success.
*Les marchands de rêves, Corneille's second album, was released in November 2005.
*He team up Africa Live and Red Cross to raise awareness to his native homeland (Rwanda)'s genocide.
*Corneille was named as one of the "Top 30 under 30" by Billboard magazine in 2006.
*His first two albums sold a combined 1.7 million copies worldwide.
*Corneille is a Red Cross Canada spokesperson, and has been made a "UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador."

Going to Soul of Africa, this is a must-see program for fans of Angelique Kidjo and many notable African vocalists. For additional information on all things Corneille, visit his official website: or his official myspace:

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