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Weddings are the pinnacle moment in every females life. Preparing for that one special day sometimes comes down entirely to "THE BRIDAL GOWN!" Feels Good 2 B Home wishes to introduce to you the Ethiopian Vera Wang---Amsale Aberra.
Ethiopian native, Amsale Aberra, has made an indelible mark on the couture wedding gown business.

Amsale not only caters to brides but bride maids. Here are a few of her designs:

According to The Wall Street Journal, Ms. Aberra's New York-based wedding- and evening-dress house, claims annual sales of about $30 million. The Amsale label is in the same league as Vera Wang, another high-end wedding-gown brand.
Her designs are in the post-prom meets nightmare '80s look at all! Bride maids can wear those looks over and over again for any occasion. Click here to check out her Fall 2007 collection.

Her designs are favorites of Kim Basinger, Salma Hayek, Julianna Marguiles, and Vanessa Williams. For those within the tri-state area, the AMSALE Flagship Salon is located on the east side of Madison Avenue between 58th and 59th streets on the 2nd floor at 625 Madison Avenue.

On her official website, Amsale runs down her creative prowess and fresh designs. Aside from designing gorgeous bridal numbers, Amsale maintains a daily blog called "Simply Chic by Amsale":

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Ladies and gents it's that time again for a Site to Visit. Introducing...Style Chile:

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Style Chile is energetic style blog that entails creative writing and graphics. The site is maintain by Naki and Style Chile, two fierce independent females in the tri-state area. If their hilarious commentary doesn't grab you, do take notice to their weekly style recaps.

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