Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Akon has something in common with model Oluchi and actor Boris Kodjoe--wearing a favorite accessory of their own to various red carpet events. Akon's favorite thing is a yellow track jacket with the colors of his country, Senegal, incorporated around the neck and pockets. The jacket also has the word, KONVICT, splastered across the front of the jacket.

Akon Favorite Thing

Events Akon rock his favorite thing at:
Gwen Stefani "Sweet Escape" Tour - May 20, 2007
Power 105.1 FM at Planet Hollywood in New York City February 8, 2007
MTV's "TRL" - February 8, 2007

Of course, Akon rocking his favorite thing concept is meant for you to laugh! Well, I hope it worked! Do e-mail me your thoughts at feelsgood2bhome@gmail.com

Akon and his brothers

And in related news, Akon's brothers are coming to a TV set near you with their new reality series, 'My Brother's Keeper.' Akon on the show's concept:

"Whenever I’m not in Atlanta, they go out posing as me and everyone believes it’s actually me. It’s so crazy, because everyone seriously believes it’s me. They are going around getting VIP treatment, girls, free food at restaurants, free everything and everybody is falling for it. It’s a real life thing, which has got really out of hand in Atlanta, so I decided to take the situation and make it into my advantage by making a reality TV show out of it. They get my life, all the perks without having to put in all the hard work I do. I’m constantly working so I can’t live it, but they are out there living it."

The million dollar question is---will you be tuning in?!

And in related news, check out the video treament to Akon's reponse to the underage bump n' grind fiasco, "Sorry, Blame It On Me":

Is the video necessary at this point?
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wienna said...

My gosh, it's hard to believe dat they're not triplets. U can tell dat they're all so close.
Regarding d video, i think it's over d top, i like d song though but d whole situation, i think, to some people is done and buried now.

Chi said...

Too late for an apology at this point. The damage's been done and discussed REPEATEDLY!

I scream when I caught that picture of Akon and his brothers. Their mother must have had them two years apart or so...

But Akon is the better looking one of the bunch.