Thursday, June 28, 2007


A good friend to Feels Good 2 B Home, Uduak Oduok, has officially launched her own professional fashion e-mag called, "Ladybrille":

click on the screen cap to access the site.

Since Feels Good 2 B Home strives to show the positive juicy aspect of Afro-Naijas in the media, a site to visit would become a new installment to this site. If you want to become apart of Feels Good 2 B Home's site to visit campaign, simply e-mail your site address, a little rundown of your site, and your name to!
[feels good 2 b home]


Ladybrille said...

Thanks Chichi. You are so kind! Great job!

Chi said...

I wish your site much success, Ladybrille. I gotta show support to my fellow Afro sista. :)