Monday, June 04, 2007


Hot off the heels of his underage bump and grind antics, Akon proves why you (fans) don't dream of messing with him.
Some reckless teenager threw something at Akon during his concert and the singer was smart and bold enough to tell the audience to point him out and blow up his spot. Akon then took off hit shirt and told his security to bring him to the stage. Akon then body-slammed the teenager into the crowd.

So what are YOUR thoughts on this? Is Akon right or wrong for doing this to a over zealous fan?


Anonymous said...

i think it was very wrong of aklon to have thrwon the guy into the crowd
1)that was such an aggressive throw the guy could have hurt himself
2)considering the fact that the dust has not yet settled 4rm his sex danace (lol) with an underaged on stage..he didnt need more attention on fan/concert matters

he should have let it go...after all dont artiste throw stuff at the audience...

Miss Chi Chi said...

I think this is all an act. Why so? The police/ secuirty guards did not attempt to throw AKON off the stage but nonetheless the audience member asked for it. Now if the audience member threw a lollipop like one did to David Bowie this whole situation would been different. I don't blame Akon to act on instantly but considering he's under some heat he could have simply cursed the dude out and kept it moving. Words are nothing but action is something.

wienna said...

Akon shouldn't have reacted dat way. As already stated, audiences throw things at musicians, look at Tom Jones, his fans throw undies all d time, so do a lot of other artistes. But dat doesn't mean d fans hate them or anything.

Miss Chi Chi said...

Supposedly the police are looking into this mess.

Anonymous said...

i see this guy like controversy.Now why did he have to go and do that? Such sillyness