Wednesday, May 09, 2007


In celebration of the new black fathers, Boris Kodjoe and his son Nicolas are featured on the June issue of "Ebony" magazine:


Boris on fatherhood:
"Children didn't choose to be here. Therefore, as parents, we have the responsibilty to make their start as prosperous as possible. Give them every opportunity to make it to the top. Every child has a right to have a mother and a father."

On having his child, Sophie, prior to his marriage to actress Nicole Ari Parker:
"The marriage was planned and on the books. We really didn't worry about timing. Both things are a blessing and however they occcur, that's fine with us."

On his parents marriage:
"Kodjoe's parenting style also leaves no room for excuses. Sure, his parents were married and divorced twice. And, he spent more time growing up with his White German mother than his Ghanaian father, but, he says, that's no reason to think negatively about his own marriage to Parker and his committment to their children."

Boris with her daughter Sophie and son Nicholas:


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[pic credit: EBONYJET.COM]


~Mimi~ said...

Am I first? Lol. Plus its my fist time on ur blog. I love Boris and Nicole. They just fit!!

Miss Chi Chi said...

Mimi you are a first, lol! I never understood all that first jazz until I launch this blog last September. Boris and his children are cute.

Anonymous said...

The June Ebony magazine promotes the usual 'blame the man' mentality with their cover story about "The New Black Father," by Adrienne P. Samuel.

Boris Kodjoe is correct when he says, "Every child has a right to have a mother and a father." But he is wrong to blame the man for the "80 percent of Black children (who) live a portion of their childhood without a father present."

In the same issue, Ebony President and CEO, Linda Johnson Rice, claims, "At least 35 percent of Black children live without their father in the home." She is probably underestimating this statistic. But again, she faults the father. "For a number of reasons," she says, "they simply walk away, apparently without a care or thought."

Well, consider this ladies - the majority of divorces are filed by women. It is not always the man who walks away. Many times they are kicked to the curb by an uncaring and alienating woman. The courts have no interest in keeping the father involved with his children either - other than to make him pay child support.

The media - and our lawmakers - need to recognize the value of fathers (as Ms Rice states), not just on "Father's Day, but on each day of the year!"

Miss Chi Chi said...

Sooo are you blaming marriages ending in divorce on women and the country's neglecting strong fathers?!

Anonymous said...

It's the system that is pushing divorce so that the court, lawyers, cps, child support enforcement, psychologists, and jails can all profit. They used to do this only to the black man until they find out they can do it to everybody and get a way with it and not be called racist.

The system is broken and needs to be fixed it is really horible in LA where they don't want you to own a home, drive, or vote. They treating you like you been convicted felon. I am an educated black man that wants to be with his kids, but the system treats me like I can hurt them when I have never been charged with anything.

I was outside the courthouse and met some people from CRISPe protesting the Alec Baldwin case for equal parenting they have a large bus and a lot of people that told me that they had a lot about why the system is doing this because they get social security money to pay county employees that's right the money you are paying for your retirement they are stealing it to pay county employees in the divorce system so if you try to get welfare or other benefits that you need the county employees will not give anything unless the father is out of the family.

I would look at and you will see more about equal parenting because that gets fathers and mothers to share equally in their childrens lives.