Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Throwback picture: Lemar

[UK R&B singer Lemar with US R&B/pop singer Mariah Carey at the 2005 MOBO Awards.]
Lemar and mariah

Lemar and Jamelia
Lemar with fellow R&B UK singer Jamelia at the 2005 Brit Awards. [Word has it that Lemar and Jamelia are the UK R&B answer to Usher and Beyonce.]
Lemar & Jamelia
Jamelia and Lemar Lemar and Jamelia
Speaking of Jamelia, she performed live The Astoria in London which you can see over at Platform Launch Action.


SET said...

Did these too ever date?

Miss Chi Chi said...

Lemar has denied it just like he denied dating Joss Stone.