Sunday, March 04, 2007

Nigerian director Newton Aduaka wins BIG at Africa's most prestigious film festival for "Ezra."

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"Nigerian director Newton Aduaka lifted the top prize at Africa's most prestigious film festival for "Ezra," the tale of a child soldier who struggles to readapt after Sierra Leone's civil war.
Aduaka was awarded the Etalon d'Or de Yennenga, the Golden Stallion of Yennenga, at the closing ceremony of the Fespaco film festival in Burkina Faso's capital Ouagadougou on Saturday.
The main character of the film, Ezra, passes his days between a rehabilitation clinic and a national reconciliation tribunal established by the United Nations.
At the tribunal, Ezra must face his sister who accuses him of murdering their parents, although he remembers nothing of what happened."
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Quick Facts from Newton Aduaka via
Born in Ogidi, Eastern Nigeria, in 1966, Newton Aduaka moved to Lagos in 1970 after the Biafran War, and then to England in 1985.
In 1997 he set up Granite FilmWorks with Maria Elena L'Abbate to produce personal, cutting-edge and uncompromising films. As a director, his short films include Carnival of Silence (1994), Voices Behind the Wall (1990) and On The Edge (1997), which won him three prestigious awards and numerous special mentions.


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**thanks Kitanya for sending me this! **

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