Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lemar and Joss Stone?!?

This is a little old but real revelant....Lemar used to date fellow Brit singer Joss Stone not too long ago. Joss Stone has move onto music producer, Raphel Saadiq. Hit up [Platform Launch Action] for more on Joss and Raphel.
Read up on this old relationship....
"Singer Joss Stone is secretly dating British R&B star Lemar. The pair spent the night at Joss’s home on Friday and he even met her dad. She and Lemar were spotted cuddling and flirting after last month’s Brit awards. And on Friday Lemar, 27, turned up at her house in Devon in his Mercedes convertible. He was greeted at the door by Joss, 19, who was showing off a new dark hair color.

They spent nearly an hour inside then emerged giggling and laughing and drove off to see Joss’s dad Richard at the nearby family home.

The couple later returned to Joss’s house where they locked themselves away for the night in private. Lemar’s car remained parked outside all night. He finally left on Saturday just before 10am. Joss split from ex-boyfriend Beau Dozier six months ago. Lemar has had a steady girlfriend for the past ten years. Last year he told how he never cheated on Charmaine Powell. One onlooker said yesterday: “Joss looked very happy with Lemar. She was smiling and seemed really relaxed and comfortable with him.” Last night Lemar’s spokeswoman claimed he and Joss were working together. She said: “It’s all above board.”


Dimples said...

LOL...if this is really true....the wow!!! i'm after Joss...she needs to keep her claws of my man.
If they are noth happy though....good luck to them...give birth to some little musical half caste babies.

Anonymous said...

she's a HO,she was with BEAU DOZIER and cheated with Gavin Degraw,Duncan James,Robbie Williams..then she was with DJ D-NYCE on the day she announced her break-up with Dozier,she then was shagging this Lemar dude,followed by Novel and then Saadiq
The girl is just an attention seeker,and likes to break up relationships

Miss Chi Chi said...

This girl was with Robbie Williams!?? Damn...I do know of her relationship with Beau but with Robbie??! And she's not even legal yet?!? WOW!