Friday, February 09, 2007

Thandie Newton at 'Norbit' premiere.

Thandie Newton and Eddie Murphy
Thandie and Eddie
Thandie Newton of Zambia/UK origin pose for pictures with Terry Owens ('Everybody hates Chris') and her 'Norbit' co-star Eddie Murphy at the Los Angeles Premiere of DreamWorks Pictures' "NORBIT." [pic credit: Eric Charbonneau] (Catch Eddie and Thandie at the Oscars the last Sunday of this month.)
Thandie Newton and Terry Owens
See more on 'Norbit' [here].
Thandie Newton
thandie newton
Thandie and her 'Norbit' co-star Eddie Griffin
Thandie Newton and Eddie Griffin
Fun Fact on Thandie via IMDB:
However, her British accent limited the amount of work she was getting, and she returned to Britain, where she went to Cambridge University to study, eventually receiving a degree in anthropology.

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