Monday, February 12, 2007

Thandie Newton at The 2007 Orange British Academy Film Awards

Thandie Newton
Thandie Newton, star of 'Norbit' and 'Pursuit of Happyness' at The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2007 in London. BAFTA is known as the Brit Oscars!
Thandie Newton
Thandie with her husband.

Thandie Newton with her husband
Thandie with Oscar-nominee Penelope Cruz. (Did you know Penelope Cruz and Thandie Newton both have Tom Cruise in common? How so? Well Penelope Cruz dated Tom Cruise. Thandie starred in M:I2 with Tom Cruise thanks to her good friend Nicole Kidman.)
Thandie Newton and Penelope Cruz
Some of you may or may not have noticed that Thandie's name is not on the movie poster for 'Norbit' AND 'Pursuit of Happyness.' Thandie explains why to the press. "Advertisements for Eddie Murphy's new movie 'Norbit' do not mention his co-star Thandie Newton, but she doesn't seem to mind it because she is happy to stay below the radar." Read more [here].
Thandie Newton
[pic credit: Reuters]


Miss Chi Chi said...

I wouldn't the fame either, lol!

Miss Chi Chi said...

I love the bottom of her dress--very chic.