Friday, February 23, 2007

Out & About: Boris Kodjoe

Boris Kodjoe with his newborn child at Haven Oscar Suite - Day 2.

Boris addresses the cheating rumors on his official website:
That's funny. But I guess they have to come up with something to keep people reading. I cannot worry about what people say about me/us and our private lives. that would take too much time. :-)
All I can do is be respectful of myself, my wife and my children, and make sure we trust each other at all times.
And for the record: Nicole and I are happier than ever. We love each other more every day. We have two beautiful and healthy kids, we love what we do, and we are living life to the fullest. We've been tremendously blessed and we don't ever take that for granted.
I went to the All-Star weekend because I had to host an event for ESPN and I had two very important business meetings. There's no way we would have brought the family out there, since just walking through the hotel would have been mayhem. And I'm trying to keep my kids away from crowds at all times.
And yes, Gabrielle is good friends with both me and Nicole. We've known each other for years and she recently visited us in Atlanta. So there's absolutely nothing inappropriate about us taking a picture on the red carpet together.
Well, there it is. Thanks again for sticking up for me, S. :-)
Keep smiling.


P.Y.L. said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! There's no other words to describe these photos.

Miss Chi Chi said...

They are a lovely family. The baby's so adorable!

wienna said...

awwww...dat's so cute and sweet.

Miss Chi Chi said...

Yes indeed...