Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ne-Yo at Tao in Las Vegas

As apart of the NBA All-Star Weekend 2007, Ne-Yo performed live at hotspot, TAO In Las Vegas.

Jawn Murray of Black Voices caught up Ne-Yo to talk about that pictures that got leaked online.
Ne-Yo on the leaked pictures:
"Well what's the real story behind the photos," I asked. Without blinking he shot back: "I was just having fun one day. Someone did something childish and broke into my damn sidekick. It happens. It comes with the territory."

Ne-Yo on how whoever leaked the pictues tried to extort money from him:
"Somebody was trying to actually get some money for them pictures, can you believe that? The dude that stole the pictures was like, 'Give me x-amount of dollars or I am going public with these pictures.' So I am thinking to myself, okay if I send this dude this money, what guarantees me he aint going to go public with these pictures anyway. So I hit him with the f-bomb via sidekick and I kept it moving. The pictures came out; it was what it was and its whatever. I'm grown, I don't care," he explained. {Black Voices}

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