Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bloc Party's new one is for the masses!

Bloc Party owes much of its success to Naija frontman/lyricist Kele Okere. Read on for the review as seen on Yahoo! News:
"U.K. rock act Bloc Party follows up its buzzy 2005 debut by scaling back the nervous guitar riffs and enlisting the help of U2 producer Jacknife Lee in a bid for mass appeal.
Bloc Party
This time the quartet looks to its flair for Britpop balladry -- think "Blue Light" and "This Modern Love" from "Silent Alarm" -- as the blueprint. The nostalgic first single, "I Still Remember," is a slightly faster version of the model. And the overall result is a moody sophomore work long on ambition. Frontman/lyricist Kele Okere constructed the album as a loose song-cycle using the album title as the theme. That's a bit of a stretch -- especially on what is ultimately an awkwardly paced, hit-and-miss affair. But it has its moments, especially the jittery rocker "Waiting for the 7.18" and the sweet hangover ballad "Sunday." Not the wildest weekend ever, but a respectable one." {Yahoo!}
I Still Remember music video. Press play....

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