Friday, January 19, 2007

Introducing singing sensastion Lemar of the UK

Shout out to Slyy of Slyy Urban Music Review for giving Feels Good 2 B Home the scoop about Lemar.
Lemar is NIGERIAN, folks. His parents are of Nigerian descent. His name is Lemar Obika.
His music reminds me of a younger Sam Cooke meets Marvin Gaye. I especially enjoy his single, "Tick, Tock."
Slyy let me know about his mind blowing performance with George Benson for the song, "Give Me The Night." Press play to see what Lemar is working with.

Lemar's Videography

Time to Grow ('Time to Grow' was featured on the same name album back in 2005 and it peak at #9 on the UK singles.)

Dance With Me (This song was released in 2003 and it peak at #2 on the UK singles chart.)

Don't Give it Up ('Don't Give Up' peak at #21 off Lemar's 'Time to Grow' album.)

Someone Should Tell You (Okay I really love this song. His voice reminds me of a raspy Brian McKnight who's one of my favorite R&B singers. 'Someone Should tell You' was released off Lemar's 'The Truth about Love' album and it peak at the #21 position on the UK singles.)

If There's Any Justice

50/50 (This song was released in 2003 off his 'Dedicated' album and it peak at #5)

Lemar of the UK

Quick facts about Lemar

Lemar has won two Brits, three MOBOS and sold 1.5 million albums ('Dedicated' and 'Time To Grow').

His new album features song with Styles P and Joss Stone.

Lemar was born on April 4, 1978 in Tottenham, London, Englad.

His claim to fame was appearing on Fame Academy on BBC Television. His winning renidtions of "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green and singing a duet with Lionel Richie on "Easy" got him noticed back in 2002. Sony signed him to their label imprint, White Rabbit for a five record deal.

Lemar's discography and UK chart numbers

Dedicated (2003) UK #16

Time To Grow (2004) UK #8

The Truth About Love (2006) UK #3

For more info on Lemar, be sure to hit him up on his websites

Lemar in Ethopia
Hit up Lemar's Wikipedia page for additonal background info him.


Miss Chi Chi said...

Much love to Lemar!

Anonymous said...

Chi, I'm gonna be real with you; isaid it before and i'll say it again: no-one does it like you do! This is a truly brilliant a lot of ways, better than his own website. Very well researched,laid out & put together. I still get 'goose pimples' every time I see that George Benson perfomance. Well done,girl.

Miss Chi Chi said...

Thanks Slyy. Journalism is what I did in college. So I love to do tons of research whenever I'm doing an article.

Ladybrille said...

Lemar is a sweetheart. Love his music and have been passing on to friends for a while now. He is on it and I admire his work and talent.

Miss Chi Chi said...

I'm going to be the doing the same thing (pass his music around) with my friends too Ladybrille. He's really good.