Monday, December 11, 2006

The Traditional Wedding of Miss Ihenwnna Agomo

Feels Good 2 B Home presents to you the traditional wedding of Miss Ihenwnna Agomo. Miss Ihenwnna Agomo held her Igbo traditional wedding in Nigeria at her parents' compound in Salem. Ihenwnna put all stops to wearing fashionale shirt and skirt Naija style.
Ihenwnna arriving for her tradtional wedding with all smiles!
Ihenwnna receving her father and mother's blessings before she goes out and look for her husband who will drink a flask of palm wine as a sign of their union. This blessing makes their union official.
Ihennwa and her entourage on the hunt for husband hidden in the crowd. Many of the single men in the audience would try to convince Ihennwa with gifts in exchange for her hand in marriage. This is the fun and entertaining part of the traditional wedding.
Ihenwnna giving the flask of palm wine to her husband. If he accepts the wine, their union is sealed by him drinking it.
YES! He accepts!
A smiling Ihenwnna walking with her husband to receive blessings of their union from her parents. This would become their first walk as husband and wife.
Ihenwnna with her brother Ogechi Agomo and sister Chinyere Egbarin and her glamorous entourage made up of her family and friends.
Ihenwnna and her glam squad posing for the camera.
The bride with her parents Chief Mrs. Fidelia Agomo and Chief Mr. Godwin Agomo.
Ogechi with his sister Ihenwnna and his brother-in-law.
The bride with her parents and in-laws.
Ihenwnna and her husband with the mother's league of Salem. Traditionally speaking it takes a village to raise a kid so the mothers came out to support Ihennwa's matrionally union. The mothers would dance in celebration of the new marriage in Salem.

{pictures c/o Ogechi Agomo.}

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Miss Chi Chi said...

Shout out to Ogechi for sending me these lovely pictures of his sister Ihennwa's wedding! :)